Field Experience 4/20/12

The fourth and last class of the day.

In this class we were assessing fourth and fifth graders on dribbling. We were assessing them on whether or not they learned the cues (cognitive) and how well they worked together in class (affective).

We again, took what we learned from our pre-assessing mistakes and learned from them when doing this assessments. This time, since the students were a little bit older, we set up stations for them to complete. One stations the students had to practice dribbling around cones, and then we had them dribble into the cones in order to knock them over to help test their ability to control the ball. The third stations was the station I was manning, and this was the cognitive assessment station. I had cue cards that had the correct dribbling cues on them, mixed in with cue cards that were wrong. I had two of each and I had two students go at once and race against each other to see who could complete the assessment first. Most of the students got it the first time around, although there were a couple that I had to keep saying look again! After the kids had gotten the answer correct I gave them back their basketball and let them play dribble knock out.  The third station was the affective assessment station. Here the kids played kind of a tag game while dribbling, and at the end they had to fill out the smiley face sheet. If they did really well they circled a big smile for the question, a neutral face if they did okay and a sad face if they thought they did bad. The students were surprisingly honest. There was not one paper they had a full smiley face circled for every question.

I felt that the lesson went really smooth. The only big issue we ran into was that we were told that half the students would be leaving so we kind of rushed through everything so that all the students had a chance to go through all the stations and be assessed. In the end, only two students left early and the rest left maybe five minutes before class ended. If we ran into something like this again, we would ask which students typically leave first and have them do the assessment stations first so if worse came to worse they would miss out on the one station that was not an assessment station. 

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