Field Experience 3/27/2012

Today in class we continued with project adventure and the trust falls. The master teachers had the students do a brief review of what they learned last class, and then they had them do trust falls off the bleachers and do levitation's in a group.

Our host teachers management style of this class was very organized. Both master teachers split the strongest kids in the class equally so they both had the same number in each falling group. The master teachers then stepped in and lined the students up. They put taller students towards the front, with the student teachers and stronger 6th graders in the middle with students being on the short side at the end. This allowed students to safety fall without the fear of being dropped. When it comes to trust falls, the teachers definitely need to have a more direct teaching style then they usually would since there is a huge safety concern when conducing this unit.

The next station was to do levitation in groups. The students had to work together in order to lift the student in the center. If one student went to fast or to slow it would feel like the student was being dropped. The student teachers were each assigned a group to keep an eye on with the master teachers walking around. I had an issue in my group of girls when one of the girls thought it would be funny to say let her fall let her fall. I had to stop the entire group and tell them that if I heard it again I would sit the whole group, since I couldn't figure out who has said it.

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