Field Experience 4/3/2012

Today's lesson we were suppose to do our skill theme with our class. We had picked jump roping and we were going to teach them how to cross the rope while jumping and assess them on how many times out of ten they could successfully cross the rope.

From the beginning there seemed to be a conflict with trying to fit our lesson in. With all the vacations going on and testing, we were crammed for time so we were doing the per-assessment, teaching, and post-assessment all in the same day. However, I was under the impression that although we would not be teaching and/or assessing the whole class, we would at least have a small group of girls that we would be teaching while the rest of the class played indoor soccer. This was not the case. We were per-assessing, teaching, and  post-assessing all in a matter of five minutes.

When I heard that this is what we were going to be doing. I was a little shocked since we are suppose to be actually teaching not just observing and I felt that is all we had been doing. This also showed me how much communication is important because if we had known the time constraints and the that we were not going to have the whole class to teach a skill we could have picked a more simple skill or maybe tried to figure a better plan to fit in where we could actually teach.

The rest of the class the students were playing indoor soccer. I like how our master teacher actually went through and explained the rules and how to play. She also worked in a ton of check for understandings to make sure the students 100% knew what they were doing. It was not just a simply roll out the ball and play indoor soccer, it was a legit game of soccer.

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