Chapter 4 Questions

 1. What are three situations when you would use a spreadsheet?
  • Situation One: Grading. You would use a spreadsheet to input grades for each student after each test, quiz, assignments, etc. You can have the names of all the students on the left and have the grades sorted by columns on the right. You can use the forumulas to figure out average grade, what the highest grade was, outliers, etc. You can also seperate classes by having each class have their own sheet. 
  • Situation Two: Equiptment Managemnet. Spreadsheets can be used to keep track of how much of each equiptment that you have and where it is. Each piece of equiptment would have it's own row and in the row you would keep track of not only where it is, but how much of each piece. That way, when cleaning out the storage rooms, or even putting equiptment back, you know exactly how many pieces are suppose to be there and where. This cuts down on lost equiptment, and makes it easier to replace broken equiptment. 
  • Situation Three: Budgets. Every teacher has budgets but physical education teachers have to really pay attention to their budgets. Between ordering new equiptment and trying to keep up to date with standards, and needing the proper equiptment in order to do this, it is a lot to keep up with. Spreadsheets can help organize it all so that you can keep track of how much you have spent, how much you have left, and how much different equiptment is going to cost. This keeps you from going over budget and helps make the best of the budget that you do have. 

2. What are three situations when you would use a database?
Chapter Two Reflection Questions

1. Describe your ideal computer. On what did you base your decision?
My ideal computer is very simple. I don't use my computer to do a lot but I want it to be able to high definition videos, have enough memory where I can download as much music and videos that I like and not have to worry about the computer slowing down or running out of memory. I don't necessarily need a DVD drive or a CD drive but I would like a video camera. It needs multiple USB ports and needs to be able to print wirelessly. I based my decision on simply what I use my computer for. I typically only use it to listen to music, sometimes watch videos and do my homework. I am not making videos, music, etc, so having a top of the line computer that does all these would be a waste of money for me.

2. Which of the peripherals would you purchase? What do you intend to accomplish with each device?
I would order speakers. Speakers I would use to have better quality sound and make music and videos louder. Nothing is more frustrating then when you are in class and can barely hear anything out of the computer because the speakers are of low quality. I would also order a laser printer and a scanner, but I would try and get one that has both built in. This way if I need to scan something (which is rare, but does happen) I can do so from home and also a laser printer would print things a lot faster than a normal printer which would be beneficial if I have to print something that has a ton of copies.
Chapter One Reflection Questions

1. Which technologies have you heard about that you would like to try? What would you do with these technologies?
A technology that I have heard of and would like to try is the xbox connect. Although I have used it sparingly, I think that it would be a benefit for me to become more comfortable with it since teaching with it can be extremely useful since there is no controller and it is all hands free. For example, if we are in a dance unit, instead of some students get to hold the Wii remote while others just do the moves, the xbox connect makes it so that every person is hands free so those that don't have a remote don't feel stupid doing the moves.

2. Can you demonstrate each skill listed for the ECDL as well as the ISTE NETS-T? If not, what can you do to acquire these skills?
I can demonstrate some of these skills very proficiently, some I can do but not very well, and others I cannot do. To acquire these skills such as 2D computer Aided Design, I can take a class, or I can simply download the proper software and figure things out on my own. I feel that when it comes to technology, I do the second one a lot.  

3. Is your personal computer set-up ergonomically correct? Why/why not?
No it is not. I never sit at my desk and when I do I do not sit up right. I don't think that it is very comfortable this way and I am more comfortable doing my homework laying down in bed or slouched down in my chair. Also, if my computer is at eye level I feel that I am to low to the ground.

Technology Savy...or so I Thought

This semester seemed a good time to challenge myself. I only had one class left that was necessary for my concentration and I needed credits to fill my schedule, and since I am well aware of the fact that technology is forever growing, I decided to take this technology course.

I have always used technology. As soon as my parents let me use a computer, I did. I have had a smart phone for as long as I can remember and I recently invested in an iPad and I am forever searching for apps that I can use in a classroom. When I am at home, if my mom has issues using computers (which is everyday) I am the one who tries to show her how to email/skype/browse the internet. I always thought that I knew what I was doing with technology, and then I was asked to create a Google site.

Google has always been a part of my life. Through out high school, and all through college if I didn't know something, I would Google it. I have a Google plus and I thought making a Google website would be easy. That might be true for some people, but I am struggling with it. I have played around with it, deleted and re-made sites, and some of the elements I still cannot figure out. I am having trouble with adding links to my website, and adding new tabs on the left side. Already I am learning, technology will always be one step ahead of me, and this is just Google! However, doing this project also makes me realize how glad I am that I took this course because it can only benefit me as a future teacher, and will definitely help me as I work towards becoming an athletic director.