Field Experience 3/30/2012

The lesson that was conducted today, not only had students learn to work together in teams, but it also tied in their English classes into the p.e. The students were put into two groups, and were told to work together to figure out which two students would do which station. One group had a bit of an issue doing this, a student in one of the groups our master teacher informed us gets nervous and starts crying and forgets what he's suppose to be doing. To work around this, the students tried to just tell the student what he was going to be doing instead of asking the student what he would like to do. This was not wrong of the students, but they are too young to have any experience with dealing with this.

After the groups were formed and the students knew which stations they were going to perform our master teacher handed them a card with a werbble (worrble?) on it that the students had to solve in order to move on to the next skill. This mixed English class with Physical Education and also worked the cognitive domain into the lesson by having the students need to think about what the worrbles meant.

We did have a bit of an issue with another student. Two seconds after our master teacher handed her the card she got the answer. This worrble was something that we did not even know, and our master teacher even said there was no way she knew the answer unless someone told her. This is a student that we have had trouble with all semester with not listening or not following rules. Our master teacher ended up taking the card away and giving the group a new card.

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