Field Experience 3/20/2012

Today was the first day that I was allowed to teach in my class. In all honesty if that was thing I could change about all of this, it would be the fact that I feel that I am not allowed to teach.

Back to my lesson. My lesson today was Python Pentathlon. This was a complicated game where the kids had to put their arms on each others shoulders and wrap their legs around the person in front of them.  I feel that my lesson over all, really connect to the NYS Standards. My lesson had the psychomotor domain, (NYS Standard 1A/A) affective, (2A,5) and very cognitive heavy, (1A/2).

The psychomotor skills were demonstrated in the fact that students had to shift their weight front to back in order to get to their cone. Affect was demonstrated since they had to work together as one team in order to be successful. If one person was out of sink, the entire team was thrown off. It was very cognitive heavy since I allowed students to figure it out on their own, and also at the end of my lesson I asked them how else they could have successfully moved their line.

On another note, I feel that this lesson allowed me to see the improvement that I have made as a teacher. Looking back when I first started working with kids in 201, I was nervous when it came to actually disciplining students. I was very soft spoken and I let students get away with more then I should of. Now, however, I am very vocal. If I see a student breaking the rules I am more able to deal with it. I think that being a lab assistant for Dr. Davis has definitely lead to this improvement. For example, in today's lesson the students were very excited for my game (which I was very happy about :) ) and they kept talking. I simply stood there until they looked at me and I said I am not going to continue talking until all of you are listening, and you are only wasting your own time. My master teacher even complemented me on this, saying that a lot of students she has had in the past were too timid to say anything like that.

*I uploaded my lesson plan into goggle documents and have linked it into my blog.

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