Field Experience 3/23/2012

The students  started trust falls today in class. Our master teacher was very adamant on the fact that if any student was caught fooling around, for example laughing, saying let them fall, or not following the cues, the student would be dismissed from this activity. I feel that although we are taught as physical educators to not have students sit out an entire class as a punishment, when you are doing a unit such as trust falls, it is a reasonable punishment since it compromises students safety.

Our master teachers had the students start out very basic. They had the students pair up in order of size, and height. The students started off very simple, with very slow, relaxed, paired trust falls. We, as the student teachers, had to walk around and correct students posters. There were a lot of students, especially girls, that were bending at the waist or knees which made it harder for their partner to catch them when they fell.

Once students were comfortable with this, they moved on to trust falls that involved three students. IT was the same concept yet students were falling forwards as well as backwards. Again, we were told to be on the look out for students misbehaving and for students that did not have the correct form. Students then moved onto circle trust falls.

I feel that although we did not teach in this lesson, I felt that we still had more control over the class because we had the ability to pull them out of the lesson if we heard them misbehaving. Also, we worked with the students who had trouble doing the trust falls without bending. I feel that this lesson also showed how I am getting to know the students more. I know more of their names and they actually call on me to ask questions instead of going straight to the master teacher.

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