Field Experience-3/13/2012

Today we are on our last day of pickle-ball and the students were continuing with the tournament play. We had our spring break the week before so it has been a while since we have worked with the students, and this was a different 6th grade class then the one we worked with before break. This class had a special needs student in it, and this is a student with autism. This students autism is not severe from what I have observed. The student is very active and is fully able to play the game, he just has a harder time understanding the skill and how to make the skill worked to his advantage. The student also gets very frustrated, at least when I worked with him he did, when I was trying to explain the game to him. I feel that it was because he was trying to communicate the way he understood it, but he could not find the words.

I felt that the students who were on the court with this student were very patient with him considering the age group of these students. However, I felt that the two more developed students I had on my court with me could have done a better job. When the student with autism was on my court the two students ignored him and just played between themselves and the third student that was on the court. The one student would cut in front of him to get the ball and only let him serve when I told him that he had to take turns serving. 

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