Field Experience 4/17/2012

Today we were teaching at the Cortland Christian Academy doing our per-assessing of our skill theme balancing.  Instead of our usual 6th grade class we were teaching 2nd and 3rd graders. It was a little weird going to a different school. At Homer we are really comfortable there, we know exactly where to go how to get there we talk to the secretary in the office all the time. Going to a different school is definitely confusing. We got lost getting there and then we didn't know how to actually get into the school.

I have heard of schools that use regular classroom teachers to teach physical education, but hearing about it and seeing it are two completely different things. I feel that the 355 students who got to go to this school got a really great experience. Although it was probably a lot of work being expected to teach every single time they went, they really got a huge experience teaching and I have to admit I am a little jealous.

I feel that our pre-assessing went okay. We definitely could have done a lot better. We should have communicated better with the two girls that were teaching that day instead of just assuming that they were doing stations. As a teacher I feel that you need to plan for everything, including taking charge even if you may not be in charge of that lesson. I also feel that we should have planned how we were doing our assessing better. NASPE says that when assessing elementary students to use stations and to make it so that students do not realize they are being assessed. We did the complete opposite. We pulled the students out of their soccer game one by one and assessed them that way, and when that was not working we had the students do it all together which was actually extremely hard.

All in all, not our finest moment. Then again if every teacher was perfect we wouldn't have to go through all this experience. Lesson learned for the next assessment!

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