Field Experience 4/27/2012

Last day!

Today was our last day of field experience, and again the girls were playing indoor soccer. Our teacher went over our evaluations and then talked with us individually about what she would like us to improve on.

My teacher said that I was a very strong teacher. She said although we had limited teaching ability I was still able to develop a relationship with the students and was able to take command of a classroom. She said that my objectives in my lesson planning have improved tremendously and that I take criticism and turn around and improve upon right then. She said my classroom management still needed some work, which I completely agree with but she said that will come with practice.

On our last day she let us completely take over. We separated the girls into 3 teams and each picked a team to coach. The class went really well we were both very vocally and we had the girls attention. We did have one special needs student in our class that needed a little bit more encouragement but after a while she felt more comfortable with the game and got really into it.

Over-all this experience has been...interesting. With vacations, a late start, and state testing it was very hard to do everything we wanted to. Our master teacher felt horrible that we were not able to teach and that we were only able to turn in two lesson plans. She said that other semesters that get in four lesson plans and there is no problem with them teaching, doing their assessments, anything. I feel that maybe 355 students should not be placed with 6th graders in the Spring because of all their state testing. Other then that I had a great experience and my master teacher honestly taught me so much that I will always remember and I will use when I have a classroom of my own.

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