Field Experience 4/20/12

Today we did double at Homer. The first class we were with the guys host teacher and the kids were playing indoor soccer still. The class we were observing was not our usual class and it was extremely small and it was only a class of girls.

However, I felt that the game was better played with a group of smaller girls. They all got to play the entire time and did not have to keep switching back and forth which is our ultimate aim as physical education teachers. However, the teaching style was completely different. Instead of going through the rules and how to actually play offense and defense before the game, the teacher let the game start and then kept throwing out directions while they were playing. While this is a good idea since it keeps reminding them of they are suppose to be doing, I feel that the rules should have been reviewed before the girls started playing.

It was good to see the students really getting into it though and they did keep moving. There were no students that we had to talk to to keep moving or to play they all were participating and having a great time.

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