Field Experience 4/24/2012

Today we were back at our home school and our master teacher was back. The girls again were playing indoor soccer and our teacher told us that we were to ref the game. She had us take turns in being the ref and gave us constructive criticism after each turn.

When my turn came I was kind of quiet. I thought I was doing an okay job I was mostly just letting the girls play and calling our reminders here and there. The girls understood the rules and the game so I feel like i did not have to do much. However, after both our turns are teacher took back over and showed us what we should be doing. She run up and down the gym with the girls and was always talking saying good job good pass good kick, good save. She was also more persistent with the girls who were not trying as much as the other girls by constantly running next to them or saying like remember this is a running game if they stopped moving.

When my turn came again, I stepped it up a lot more. I was more vocal and spent a lot of time running with the girls. My teacher said that she likes how I take criticism and then instantly get better. She said the thing that I have to work on the most was my voice, which she said would develop over the years. She said that eventually I won't have to yell to be heard but I my voice will deepen a little bit and I can just project more. My teacher also liked that I worked well with students one on one. Instead of just yelling out directions, I would go up to individual students and show them exactly what I wanted them to do.

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