Technology Savy...or so I Thought

This semester seemed a good time to challenge myself. I only had one class left that was necessary for my concentration and I needed credits to fill my schedule, and since I am well aware of the fact that technology is forever growing, I decided to take this technology course.

I have always used technology. As soon as my parents let me use a computer, I did. I have had a smart phone for as long as I can remember and I recently invested in an iPad and I am forever searching for apps that I can use in a classroom. When I am at home, if my mom has issues using computers (which is everyday) I am the one who tries to show her how to email/skype/browse the internet. I always thought that I knew what I was doing with technology, and then I was asked to create a Google site.

Google has always been a part of my life. Through out high school, and all through college if I didn't know something, I would Google it. I have a Google plus and I thought making a Google website would be easy. That might be true for some people, but I am struggling with it. I have played around with it, deleted and re-made sites, and some of the elements I still cannot figure out. I am having trouble with adding links to my website, and adding new tabs on the left side. Already I am learning, technology will always be one step ahead of me, and this is just Google! However, doing this project also makes me realize how glad I am that I took this course because it can only benefit me as a future teacher, and will definitely help me as I work towards becoming an athletic director.

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