Lab 8 Hula Hoops

1. Explain three important benefits of hoop play.
  • Hula-hoop activities can aid the development of hand-eye coordination, foot-eye coordination, and body awareness.
2. Give an example of how hoops can be used to reinforce a cognitive concept linked with classroom learning.
  • When students are younger they might have trouble learning a clock, so you could make a hula hoop a clock and have students point to different times. You can also do what we did in lab and incorporate a physical component such as jump to 12 o'clock, leap to two o'clock, etc. Also, you could turn it into a stretching component  by having the students arms and legs the minute and hour hands and give them a time and have them move their body to that time. 
3. Describe how hoops can be utilized to promote growth in the affective domain.
  • The activity we did in class shows how hula-hoops can utilized to promote the affective domain. The activity where we were given when we were given a skill and then a colored hula hoop to fit into where with other people is affective. You had to work with other students in order to fit inside the hula hoop. The activity at the end of the lab was also heavy in the affective domain. Students had to cooperate with each other in order to avoid bumping into each other to get to the other side of the hula hoops. 
4.  Utilize the internet to gather information about ponds and related ecology to use in your field experience teaching or future teaching.
  • You could pretend the hula hoops are lily pads and that the general space around them is the pond and that you cannot go into the pond or else you can drown. You can also switch it around and have the hula hoops be the pond and the general space be the forest and you have to jump over the ponds because if you fall in you can drown. The general space can shrink until it is most pond water which keeps the kids moving. 
Make a chart of Mosston's Teaching Styles and keep a record of how many of the styles you use in your teaching.

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