Carpet Sample Fitness

1.What signs could students use to replace the traditional signs used in Rock, Paper, Scissors?
  • This would be an excellent time to maybe tie in teaching students sign language. Instead of using the typical fist, open head, and "peace" sign to represent rock, paper, scissors, you could use the sign for r, p, and s. When students become more advanced then you could move on to the actual signs for rock, paper, and scissors. 

2. Design three new carpet sample fitness activities for your students.
  • Magic Carpet Ride-students have to sit on the carpet and use the inch worm technique to get the carpet to move around obstacles. 
  • Lava Flow!-carpet samples are spread around the gym floor and students have to move around by moving from carpet to carpet. Students can leap, jump, skip, etc. in order to move. 
  • Flying Carpet Relay Races-students have to move from one end of the gym to the other only using the carpets. In order to move to the next carpet they have to do the fitness component that is assigned to that carpet. 
3. How would you assess student understand of the friction principles?
  • I would assess them by having them take turns explaining the principles to each other. At the end of the unit, I would have them take a small quiz asking about the principles. 
4. Explain how muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance are important aspects of this lesson.
  • In this lesson we worked on ab muscles, and leg muscles, and also added in running. They were important because they are things that you need to work on with students but this lesson should the proper way to do. You shouldn't make your students run laps, and do sit ups and push ups to work on muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance, you need to incorporate them in your lessons so that students do not concentrate on the fact that they are working on these things. 
5. Conduct a search on the internet to gain bird fact information. What is our state bird? What is the smallest bird? What is the largest bird? What is unique about bird anatomy that enables them to fly? Add interesting information that you find through your search.
  • Our state bird is the Easter Bluebird. The smallest bird in the world is the Bee Hummingbird, which is no bigger then a bee and only a high speed camera can capture this bird. Bird's anatomy make it so that instead of arms they have wings, and the bones in their wings are like our cartilage, very light and hollow. 

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