EDU 355 Field Experience-February 10th-First Day!

Today was my first day of field experience at Homer Jr. High where I will be observing 6th graders. I was a littler nervous when walking in, which is to be expected since I did not know what was going to happen or what my host teachers would be like, anything. However, once I was there I settled in.

The first day was pretty laid back. The students came up and said hi and it was definitely weird introducing myself as Ms. Turner. The students seemed excited to be there and all of them were dressed and ready to go. My host teacher was absent that day so I did not get to meet her but the guys host teacher talked to us about what what our master teacher would expect of us, and what they were doing in class. He said that they were currently in a dance unit, but since dance was not a favorite subject they were breaking it up with different activities so that the children did not become disinterested.

The students were having a co-ed class today, and they were split up by colored groups, which I thought was a creative way of breaking down a class, instead of using the typical squads. It also lead to easier classroom management since handling three separate groups instead of one huge class is a lot easier to handle. The teacher then assigned each group to a station. This was also a great example of classroom management since in other classrooms I have been in, teachers say okay which group wants to go here? Then the class erupts into arguments about who should go where. By telling the students where to go, the teacher saves a lot of time and effort. The students also stayed at that station the entire class, which gave them a change to have actually play the game. The stations were ladder ball, table tennis/foozeball, and pickle ball. All these games take time, and if they students were rotating the entire time, they would lose out on playing a real game, and really learning the game.

The master teacher said that the next class we would be seeing is completely different then the class we went to today. He said that this class (the class we went to today) had really good behavior, that they rarely acted up and really enjoyed the class. He said the next class there are some special need students and behavioral students that need watching.

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