Jump Roping

Can a child in a wheelchair enter the front door and the back door? What modifications would you make?
  • This would be a very difficult task for a student in a wheelchair to accomplish.When entering the front/back door the rope is at a very low point and they student may not have time to get out of the rope before it comes down, especially if they are a younger student and do not have a lot of speed with the wheelchair. To modify this so the student does not feel left out, have the student enter the jump rope from the center.This way the rope is higher up when the student enters and it will give them more time to get out before the rope comes down. 
How would you apple a goal setting to this lesson?
  • You could have the students set themselves a goal such as I can move the jump ropes this far apart and jump them and make it to the other side say 7 out of 10 times. The student this way is setting a personal goal but is also practicing the basic motor movement of jumping.  Having a goal set this way also means that they do not have to be perfect. They can miss the jump three times and still make their goal. 
Design a long rope jumping routing for a pair of students jumping at the same time.
  • In this class, I would pair students up based on the timing (i.e. I would place a student who's timing is off with a student who can time the jump correctly) and have them hold hands while trying to jump into the rope. This way the student who has good timing have help the other student get their sense of timing down. At first I would have them let go of each others hands once they were in so that they can jump at their own pace, but as they get more comfortable I would have them keep holding hands and jump together. I would then let the students come up with their own routines so that the cognitive domain is active in the class.
Create a checklist of critical elements to look for and use in teaching basic, two foot rope jumping.
  • The student lands on both feet.
  • The rope is hitting the ground when it is being swung down
  • The student isn't touching the rope with another body part while jumping
  • Arms are extended
Describe how you would go about organizing a rope jumping club for your elementary school.
  • First, I would make sure that I have students who are interested in participating in such a club, since forming a club where students are not interested would not be beneficial. I would make sure that the students understand that it is open to any grade, and any student who is interested in practicing their jump roping, or even learning on how to jump rope if they haven't yet. Then I would go to the principal/board of education and get permission in order to form the club.  I would send a letter home with every student so that parents understand what is being done, such as what safety measures are being taken, where the club is taking place and when. I would keep the parents involve by having Parent Nights, where they can come jump rope with their kids so it keeps parents active too. 
Stimulus Variation
  • Stimulus variation is when the teacher changes the way a lesson is presented, and changes the way that they teach the lesson in order to keep the kids interested. 

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