Chapter Two Reflection Questions

1. Describe your ideal computer. On what did you base your decision?
My ideal computer is very simple. I don't use my computer to do a lot but I want it to be able to high definition videos, have enough memory where I can download as much music and videos that I like and not have to worry about the computer slowing down or running out of memory. I don't necessarily need a DVD drive or a CD drive but I would like a video camera. It needs multiple USB ports and needs to be able to print wirelessly. I based my decision on simply what I use my computer for. I typically only use it to listen to music, sometimes watch videos and do my homework. I am not making videos, music, etc, so having a top of the line computer that does all these would be a waste of money for me.

2. Which of the peripherals would you purchase? What do you intend to accomplish with each device?
I would order speakers. Speakers I would use to have better quality sound and make music and videos louder. Nothing is more frustrating then when you are in class and can barely hear anything out of the computer because the speakers are of low quality. I would also order a laser printer and a scanner, but I would try and get one that has both built in. This way if I need to scan something (which is rare, but does happen) I can do so from home and also a laser printer would print things a lot faster than a normal printer which would be beneficial if I have to print something that has a ton of copies.

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