Chapter One Reflection Questions

1. Which technologies have you heard about that you would like to try? What would you do with these technologies?
A technology that I have heard of and would like to try is the xbox connect. Although I have used it sparingly, I think that it would be a benefit for me to become more comfortable with it since teaching with it can be extremely useful since there is no controller and it is all hands free. For example, if we are in a dance unit, instead of some students get to hold the Wii remote while others just do the moves, the xbox connect makes it so that every person is hands free so those that don't have a remote don't feel stupid doing the moves.

2. Can you demonstrate each skill listed for the ECDL as well as the ISTE NETS-T? If not, what can you do to acquire these skills?
I can demonstrate some of these skills very proficiently, some I can do but not very well, and others I cannot do. To acquire these skills such as 2D computer Aided Design, I can take a class, or I can simply download the proper software and figure things out on my own. I feel that when it comes to technology, I do the second one a lot.  

3. Is your personal computer set-up ergonomically correct? Why/why not?
No it is not. I never sit at my desk and when I do I do not sit up right. I don't think that it is very comfortable this way and I am more comfortable doing my homework laying down in bed or slouched down in my chair. Also, if my computer is at eye level I feel that I am to low to the ground.

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