Chapter 4 Questions

 1. What are three situations when you would use a spreadsheet?
  • Situation One: Grading. You would use a spreadsheet to input grades for each student after each test, quiz, assignments, etc. You can have the names of all the students on the left and have the grades sorted by columns on the right. You can use the forumulas to figure out average grade, what the highest grade was, outliers, etc. You can also seperate classes by having each class have their own sheet. 
  • Situation Two: Equiptment Managemnet. Spreadsheets can be used to keep track of how much of each equiptment that you have and where it is. Each piece of equiptment would have it's own row and in the row you would keep track of not only where it is, but how much of each piece. That way, when cleaning out the storage rooms, or even putting equiptment back, you know exactly how many pieces are suppose to be there and where. This cuts down on lost equiptment, and makes it easier to replace broken equiptment. 
  • Situation Three: Budgets. Every teacher has budgets but physical education teachers have to really pay attention to their budgets. Between ordering new equiptment and trying to keep up to date with standards, and needing the proper equiptment in order to do this, it is a lot to keep up with. Spreadsheets can help organize it all so that you can keep track of how much you have spent, how much you have left, and how much different equiptment is going to cost. This keeps you from going over budget and helps make the best of the budget that you do have. 

2. What are three situations when you would use a database?

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