Teaching, Take 2

So here we go again, same skill, different group, different day, a little bit more experienced. However, this time, there is no equipment.

So, still not perfect but definitely a lot better then the first time around. In this video, you can actually hear my voice, yay! Also, I instead of just jumping right into doing relay races, I had the class line up and do the activity all together before racing against each other. I also like how I demonstrated how to move your body through the hula-hoop.

One thing I need to work on is involving myself in the lesson more. A good teacher never stands around just instructing students what to do, but actually get's involved with them. This is something that I have not been comfortable enough to do, but will work on in the future. Also, my closing needs work. I feel that it's just open-ended to be like ok, that's it, go to your next class.

I think that the no equipment thing will actually help student learners as weird as that sounds. A lot of time, especially using my experience as a softball coach, once you add in equipment, form, footwork, everything, goes out the window. Sometimes I feel that it is better to work on skills without equipment for a good two to three weeks then slowly introduce the equipment. This is true for both coaching and teaching.

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