Swing to the right, swing to the left, JUMP!

Jump roping. Sounds simple right? Well, kind of. There are actually a lot of different skills and tricks that come along with jump roping, and being able to do them, let alone teach them, is a lot harder then it looks.

With that being said, it has been about two weeks since we, well, were pushed into teaching if you will. It's cool to actually see how everyone has improved with each time they teach, since everyone, myself especially, has become more comfortable and more confident in their abilities.  My skills that I was assigned to teach was the single side swing, and the double side swing and it went something like this...

Since we are taught to do always the positive first when teaching, I will talk about the positive in my video first also. I was actually surprised about how loud I was talking since right before I went I literally sounded like a frog and didn't really have a voice. Also, I think that my strong suite is my demonstration since I had a really firm grasp on the skill and could show the proper way to do it, and also the incorrect way of performing the skill.

As for the beginning of my lesson, I definitely need to work on having a signal for attention, it is probably time to invest in a whistle. Also, I need to make my hook more obvious. I thought I had the hook with the skiing, but now that I watch the video it wasn't really a hook but more of a comparison. As for safety statement, this unit would have been perfect for a safety statement (come on, little kids and ropes, right) and I completely skipped over it. I feel that now that I see myself skipping certain things, the next time I teach I can practice them at home and make sure I include them a 100% of the time.  

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