Ready, Set, Teach!

It's syllabus week right? You go through the motions, go to class in a sleepy stupor, still in summer mood. You don't really expect to do anything, correct? Wrong. Welcome to EDU 255, and what a welcome it was. Walk into class and BOOM Professor Yang welcomes everyone and says today you will be teaching a skill for 4 minutes. Um, what? Oh, and you can only use what is provided, soccer balls, basketball, nurf-footballs, volleyballs, and hula hoops. I think nervous was an understatement here since I knew a whopping total of 2 people in the entire class.

Since my last name is towards the very end of the alphabet, I got the luxury of watching other people go before me and get a feel for what they did. I admit, I was a bit nervous since what I was teaching wasn't a skill like everyone else, but was a game that I had learned in Adventure Activities. I watched, and participated in, different volleyball skills, basketball skills, soccer skills, and skills you didn't even need equipment to do.

And then, it was my turn. I got up in front of my group and introduced the game, hula-hoop relays. The object is to hold hands, and pass the hula-hoop from end to the other, without letting go of the person next to you. Easier said then done, especially for the tall students in the class. I split the group into two teams, demonstrated what I wanted them to do and then let them go. I made it harder at the end by putting them in a circle and having them do it that way. I thought it went pretty well, but as always, nothing is perfect.

Seeing as I had never actually taught anyone before, minus softball but then I actually know what I'm doing, mistakes were obviously going to happen. No one is good at anything the first time they try it, the only way to get better is to practice and practice and practice. When I watched the video, I was kind of uncomfortable looking, I did not look confident at all in what I was doing. Also, although I thought I was talking loud, clearly that is not the case since I can't hear myself at all. I know that is something I always going to have to work on since I am usually soft spoken. I talk a lot, but I talk very quietly. I was surprised to see myself laughing and smiling though in some spots. Looking back, I only remember being extremely nervous and shaking.

I think to improve on this lesson, I need to have the class come together first before separating them. I need to have them do the passing of the hula-hoop down the line together as a class a couple times before having them race against each other. Also, this game would be more fun and difficult with more people because then you can have larger groups, and more groups racing against each other.

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