Field Experience Day Four-2/28/2012

Today we continued with pickle-ball but we had a different class then before the students went on break.I had a different group of students and this group was a group I had seen before. The focus of this blog post is the assessment of student learning.

When I first saw this group of students, they had middle of the road skills when it came to serving, and volleying the ball. However, today the students had improved their skills by a tremendous amount. They understood that they cannot hit the ball as hard as they could and expect the ball to just go over, they actually had to hit the ball at the correct angle. Also the students seemed to be more interested in actually playing the game instead of beating the other team which is what we were aiming for the entire time. Although I did not verbally assess the students to see if they have an understanding of angles, I could visually see that the students had learned.

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