Lab Three-Low Organized Games

Select one of the locomotor skills and create your own set of teaching cues.
       I would teach running. I would teach the kids that there is a time when both feet are in the air and that your arms help you run faster. My cues would include kick your butt, soft feet, and swing your arms in opposition. '

Identify the specific pathways used in each of the low organized games presented in the lesson focus.
   The three specific pathways that we used in class was a straight pathway, a zig-zag pathway, and a curved pathway. 

Select a topic for a class talk and outline the questions and key points that would help you guide a class talk.
   My topic would be eating healthy. Some of my questions would include what is your favorite foods? Do you eat breakfast? Do you know the basic food groups? Which food group do you eat the most? Which food group SHOULD you eat the most? My key points would include that in order to eat healthy you need to eat breakfast, and stress that it is the most important mean of the day since a lot of students skip it. I would also have a poster that has the food pyramid on it and talk about which group you should eat the most of it and which group you should stay away from. I would also let the kids come up with creative ways to make their favorite foods more healthy.

Made a checklist of performance points to look in one of the locomotor movements.
Jump:   take off with both feet
land on both feet
use your arms to propel your forward
bend your knees at take and landing

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